About Re Shanking Sings

Half Shank of Ring Piece

At Jones & Son we offer a full array of re shanking services available to our customers. Whether it is a Finger Fit arthritic shank or just a half shank that you need come in and let us restore your worn out shank to its original condition. Typically, when the shank of a ring is wearing thin, the Master Jewelers at Jones & Son utilize a process that is very similar to sizing a ring.(see ring sizing) The shank usually gets paper thin and needs to be replaced by a half shank (half ring) and it is replaced by cutting the original ring in the middle of the shank. The new half shank is then placed at the bottom of the ring and soldered at both ends of the piece. The metal is then sanded, buffed, and smoothed out. Then the ring is then polished and cleaned in the ultrasonic to bring the ring back to life after the work is completed. You may replace a quarter, half, three-quarter, or full shank depending on the need.