Buying a Diamond

A.     We offer a large selection of GIA Diamonds

 A large selection of 30,000 GIA Diamonds that are visible on our website, as well as a large amount of availability in store to view.  You get the luxury of seeing these diamonds in store prior to purchasing.

B.     Lowest margins on GIA Certified Diamonds

Lowest margins and high volume = a better deal for our customers.

At Jones & Son we have always offered the lowest margins on diamonds and jewelry to our customers. It is a fact that we do sell a slightly higher volume than most smaller “mom and pop” local jewelers as well as “big box” retailers that are forced to make a set profit on each item.

C.     Service After the Sale

The great thing about Jones & Son and our strength is the fact that we have a physical location so long term there are unlimited service opportunities for you the customer. Appraisal updates to basic ring sizing’s you know that your ring will be taken care of without any problems.

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