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About Caerleon

The perfect ring would easily change color or look to match any outfit, suit any mood. The perfect gift could be added to occasion after occasion after occasion, and always be exciting. Of course, it would also come elegantly dressed in its own designer wood top jewelry box...

Choose a square or oval design, with or without diamond accents. Each design is available in any precious metal: Sterling & Gold, 14 or 18Kt Gold, Platinum & Gold, or all Platinum. Select bezels from a variety of designer cut gemstones, then add to your collection from a choice of hundreds of other bezels. Choose other rings with the same shape stone to create the ultimate jewelry wardrobe.

What’s next? It’s time to accessorize with whatever your heart desires. Choose from the most unique selection available in jewelry today. Conventional jewelry defines you so continue to redefine yourself with the interchangeable pendants, earrings, and now beautifully styled cable bracelets who’s gemstones all interchange together with the original rings. These stylishly handcrafted designs are also available in any precious metal: Sterling & Gold, 14 or 18Kt Gold, Platinum & Gold, or all Platinum.

Jones and Son is the Top Caerleon Store in America

At Jones & Son we will continue to offer the largest selection of the product as made available by the factory. We still have a large selection of rings and topps. The rings start at a few hundred dollars and can be as expensive as a few thousand dollars. The topps start at $60.00 and can be as expensive as $5,500.00. So for an addition to the already started Caerleon collection a new top would make a wonderful gift.

The Caerleon collection is more than just rings, we have the bracelets, earrings, pendants, and a large selection of tops as well. The good news is that the topps completely interchange with the all pieces, square with square and oval with oval. We have every look, style, and combineation so call email or come by today to view this wonderful and exciting collection of jewelry that is exclusively at Jones & Son.