Gia Graduate Gemologist

GIA, Graduate Gemologist

At Jones & Son we have a GIA, Graduate Gemologist on staff!A GIA, Graduate Gemologist is a title awarded by the Gemological Institute of America by completing the following core courses Diamonds, Diamond Grading, Gem Identification, Colored Stones, and Colored Stone Grading. The GIA, Graduate Gemologist title awarded by the GIA is one of the highest degrees in the gem and jewelry industry. A GIA, Graduate Gemologist has furthermore been properly trained on all gem lab equipment.

Gemological training is crucial. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) awards a Graduate Gemologist degree after completing their intense course, which can be taken either on site or as a home study course. Yet most jewelers are not Graduate Gemologists.

At Jones & Son we have an on site GIA, Graduate Gemologist to service your every need from the most professional jewelry appraisals available to the simplest of tasks our Graduate Gemologist will be here to service your every need email us today to set up an appointment.