How Watches are Cleaned

How Watches are Cleaned

There are three basic types of watches that are universal to the watchmaking field. The three types of watches are wind up & automatic, digital, and a quartz & tuning fork. These are the three types of watches and depending which name brand watch that you own, the year it was made, and where it was made all plays a factor in the type of watch movement that is inside the watch.

Quartz & Tuning Fork:

The most popular used movement today in watches is a quartz movement. The quartz watch runs on a small battery cell that fuels the energy to in turn run the movement. Then the battery sends a small electric like pulse though small wound copper coil. The copper coil sends energy to a small piece of synthesized quartz. The piece of quartz then oscillates at a continual rate of motion. Then the constant rate of motion silently pulsates therefore running the movement on the watch. The movements are usually manufactured identical and only by a few worldwide sources. The difference in a tuning fork and a quartz movement is that the tuning fork emits a slight buzz whereas the quartz is totally quiet.

Automatic/Wind Up:

This watch movement is obviously one of the first watch movements that was ever on the market. The wind up or Automatic movement is a favorite of collectors, enthusiasts, and true aficionados everywhere. The movement is still used today in some higher end watches that are available on the market today. The two are similar in theory, however, the main difference is that the automatic watch has a counterweight inside that spins around when the wearer movement. This ingeniously designed movement winds up a spring, thus storing energy that inevitably fuels energy for the watch to function. The only drawback to the automatic is that this style of watch must be worn on a daily basis in order to maintain a charge. The energy of the wind up, however, is simply used as stated it is manually wound up.


Last but not least we have the now retro digital watch. The digital watch movement is simply a small computer chip that runs on a small battery cell. The liquid crystal display of the watch can be all different colors on the display. The watches can perform a multitude of functions from TV remote controls, calculator, and digital cameras which are all extremely cool and unique. These space aged movements are not cleaned like any other movements, however, their movements are simply removed. Then the movement is cleaned and soaked in a simple solution for a period of time and that is how we clean a digital watch.