How We Size Rings

At Jones & Son we perform the finest repair. A ring being sized at Jones & Son will first be cleaned of any dirt or oils in one of our many ultrasonic baths followed by a thorough steam cleaning. Then one of our Master Jewelers will cut the bottom of the ring, or shank. This area of the ring is first cut and then filed until it is smooth. There are two ways of ring sizing, and they are sizing up and down. When a ring is sized up a small piece of precious metal is inserted into an area that is cut open and next a professional jewelers torch solders the piece into place. Then to size a ring down you first cut out the piece of desired metal, then file, and simply solder the piece back into place. Then on both up and down ring sizing our Master Jewelers then file, sand, and polish the ring thus essentially smoothing the ring to the original unnoticeable state. We then finish off the process with cleaning the ring and checking any stones to make sure they are secure in the mounting and fully inspect the ring before the customer is notified that the ring is ready.