Looking to Sell Your Jewelry?

About Buying & Trading Pre Owned Engagement Rings & Jewelry

We get messages daily on our website about this and felt the need to address this topic since we no longer can answer all the questions posed on a daily basis. All questions will be answered here in this space and we will no longer answer individual questions submitted on our site regarding this matter. As for buying pre owned engagement rings & jewelry please do not message us on our website since we are currently inundated with these type of requests. Requests of this nature will not be answered.

We sell only “NEW” Products - Trading Pre Owned Jewelry or Engagement Rings

At Jones & Son we sell engagement rings and jewelry that is new. Most of our engagement rings are custom made to fit the finger and also more importantly created around the center diamond that you purchase. This is how we maintain the highest standards when delivering a quality product. That being said we do not purchase pre owned jewelry or engagement rings either purchased here or not.

Center Diamond Trade In’s Purchased from Jones & Son & Not Purchased from Jones & Son

As far as the center diamonds are concerned that were purchased from Jones & Son we can trade in only center diamonds purchased for another center diamond of double the original purchase price. We may trade for center diamonds that were not purchased here but if you are trading your center diamond for one of our GIA center diamonds your diamond must be at least 1 carat and be accompanied with a GIA certificate in order to be considered for trade. No exceptions.