Re Tipping Prongs

Re-Tipping Prongs/ Head Replacement

At Jones & Son we offer the much needed service of diamond and colored stone re tipping along with full service of head replacement. Our team of Master Jewelers carefully examine your piece of jewelry and determine in their professional opinion which is the best route to take. Typically, if one prong is worn out then others are worn out as well. The prongs can be detected as worn down when they are flat, rough, or simply paper thin, not leaving enough metal to hold the stone securely in place.

When you notice that your jewelry is snagging on sweaters, panty hose, or getting caught in your purse this is most likely the aftermath of bent, broken, or worn down prongs. The prongs may also be raised or may be missing altogether. When your piece of jewelry is snagging this is the most common root of the problem. Whether the prongs simply need to be straightened, the prongs need to be re tipped, or a new head needs to be assembled on the ring, this is the place to get your rings checked periodically for thin or loose prongs. This is just one of the many trusted repair services that are always carefully performed by one of Jones & Son’s in-store Master Jewelers.