The Purpose of Jewelry Appraisals

Jewelry appraisals can be done on just about any item of jewelry and at Jones & Son we have vast experience in the field. The piece can have gemstones with precious metal or precious metal only with no gemstones. Gemstones that are loose are a disputed item. As a matter of fact most insurance companies will not allow you to receive a legitimate insurance policy on a loose diamond or gemstone unless it is mounted up in a piece of jewelry.

Jewelry appraisals are also used in order to settle an divorce, an estate, or to verify an item's true market value before you commit to purchase the particular piece of jewelry.

The price on the appraisal is determined based on market variables and market values. Over the years market values and variable change such as the price of diamonds, gold, and platinum, so every two to five years it is recommended to at least have your current appraisals updated. If unsure about the acceptable timetable for your particular insurance company contact your insurance agent for the companies recommendation. By utilizing the same appraiser or appraisal service over the years it is possible to get updates. Here at Jones & Son if you get updates it is much less than a whole new appraisal rather than having to pay full price on the updates in two to five years.