Watch Battery Service

Watch Battery Replacement While You Wait

When replacing your watch battery you don’t just want any untrained amateur, desk clerk, or summer intern to do the job. At Jones & Son we know that simply replacing a watch battery should be done with extreme caution to make sure no part of the watch is damaged, destroyed, or simply not put back together properly. The highly trained staff at Jones & Son can change a battery for you and you are insured that the old battery is replaced with a newly powered cell. We combine the highest quality watchmaker tools and utilize the best talent around. This combination allows us to be able to offer our customers a prompt, reliable service that is accompanied with a one (1) year warranty, all this for the price of a large pizza. However, with a all the things mentioned above and a one year warranty the battery is definitely the better value. At Jones & Son we know that time is of the essence so that is why we perform this much need service while you wait.